Cloud Security

The most common misconception we come across during the early days of cloud security engagements revolves around the infamous question:

If we move our data to the cloud, are we going to be less secure?

And this is the first myth we look to dispell by demonstrating that a secure-by-design, compliant-by-design and auditable-by-design approach to cloud makes companies more secure, not less.

So whether you’re planning to move your assets to the cloud, or already have valuable data in the cloud, Cliffside Security can help you modernise your approach to Cyber Security in a demonstrable manner that will provide the business with the confidence necessary for such shift of paradigm. When engaging Cliffside Security, we help you achieve your goal by guiding you throughout the process, side-by-side.

Services we provide in the Cloud Security space include:

  • Secure Cloud Migration Strategy;
  • Cloud Security Architecture and Design;
  • Compliance with relevant laws, regulations and standards (APRA 234, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and others);
  • Cloud Security Incident Response;
  • Cloud Security Operations (SecOps) Automation;
  • Rationalisation and Sanitisation of your Cyber Security environment;
  • Definition of business-relevant cyber security metrics;
  • Cloud Cyber Security Assurance

Moving from on-prem to the cloud with confidence.

Cloud Security Architecture

Ensuring your cloud security framework is secure, compliant and auditable by design.

Cloud Security Compliance

Enabling your cloud environment to meet relevant cyber regulations and standards.

SecOps Automation

Industrialise your security operations and operate at scale.

Cloud Security Assurance

Trust AND verify your cloud security.

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