Salesforce Security

We understand that moving your sensitive data that was once protected on-premise to the cloud is a hard decision, but it doesn’t need to be.

Our team has helped several organisations moving highly sensitive data such as personal and financial information to Salesforce, always ensuring that security levels are as strong (and most of the times stronger) than before. We also ensured that laws and regulators (such as APRA, the Privacy Commissioner, etc.) were kept happy and informed about the transition.

Cliffside can assist your Salesforce integration with existing systems defining reusable security patterns for APIs, profiles, and facilitating the monitoring of your environment via cloud-based platforms such as Splunk Cloud.

If you have opted for Salesforce’s Security Module (SHIELD), our experienced consultants can ensure you get a return to your investment by making full use of its capabilities, automating security controls and reducing manual, and often delayed, incident response.

Salesforce Security Shield Platform

Protecting your data in Salesforce

Integration Security

Ensuring secure integration with your existing systems by leveraging proven architectural patterns.

Security Assurance

Giving you peace of mind via regular security health checks, penetration testing, and platform monitoring services.

Compliance & Regulation

Working with your team to enable the platform to host sensitive/confidential data, whilst meeting regulatory obligations.

Platform Monitoring and Incident Response

Through the use of automated platform monitoring, Cliffside Security can provide event detection and response so you don’t have to.

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